Percentage Plus is an Australian owned company adding value to hospitality businesses through our kitchen display platform (Bump-it KDP) and hospitality operating suite (NEXUS HOSpitality – coming soon).  Our extensive knowledge in the hospitality industry gives you the reassurance and peace of mind of quality products that will increase your business’s efficiency therefore saving your business money. Our team has over 55 years industry experience combined with employees still working in the hospitality industry today.

Our active docketing system allows you to hold, combine, track and alert orders that once were on paper.

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Bump-it KDP is a cloud based kitchen display platform compatible with multiple Cloud Based POS systems. Bump-it KDP has been designed to revolutionise the way orders are received in production areas (kitchen, bar dispense, restaurant and coffee).  Manage your production dockets just like you would with paper without the cost of printing.


  • Wireless virtual docket display
  • Ability to strikethrough individual orders that have been prepared
  • Bump whole production docket
  • Live statistics on items currently on order
  • Combine multiple dockets
  • Un-do bumped dockets and search docket history
  • Customised screen colour display – either black background or white background
  • Create your own recipe cards
  • Place dockets on hold for multiple courses (entree, main and dessert)
  • With held docket time displayed
  • Three levels of preset timing alerts: green, amber and red
  • Easy to set-up with extra training videos and guides
  • Set product parameters to ensure your team meets KPI standards
  • Ability to view dockets only relative to your service area (coffee, kitchen, bar, outdoor kitchen)
  • Customised and intuitive reporting for your business
  • Captures average docket production time


  • Improved efficiency
  • Customised menu item history – most sold, least sold, most favourite
  • Records peak trading hours to assist with wage control
  • Wireless and portable
  • Reduced cost in purchase of receipt paper
  • Eliminates user communication errors
  • Tracks average clearance times for staff efficiency
  • Multiple site reporting and analytics
  • Minimal training required
  • No more duplicate dockets resulting in minimal food wastage
  • Increase venue turnover – ability to turnover tables more frequently
  • No more hand written service time
**Currently Bump-it is only compatible with Kounta POS**
**Some features listed above are still under development**

$35 per month for 1 screen or

$50 for 2 screens

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